Live Code Space

Live Coding is a hybrid form of performing arts, including on-the-fly programming of visuals and music.

Live Coding Space is inclusive, regardless of previous experience in any form of coding. The event is biannual and takes place at diffetent locations in Zurich, CH.

Session #1

18 November 2022

MediaCampus Building
04 Entrance (47.38567, 8.50326)
Baslerstrasse 40, 8048 Zurich

The musical soundscapes of the Sound Art Duo bittelangsam are created at the intersection of visual art and experimental music. In accordance with the site specific sound weaving Andrea and Heiko cultivate a local approach to their work.

Field recordings, tape loops, modular synthesizers and guitar sounds seek their counterparts in empty hotel rooms, old schoolhouses or abandoned industrial halls. In various formats, as performance, installation or listening session, bittelangsam deals with sound and space, aesthetics and culture.

Jakob Eisenbach (28) is a composer and sound designer born in Germany, living and working in Zürich (CH) since 2014. While studying at the Zurich University of Arts he founded the music production company Vection Music GmbH in 2019. After graduating as MA of Arts in Composition for Film, Theater and Media in 2020, he continued working as composer and/or sounddesigner on a variety of projects in Virtual Reality, Audiovisual Installation as well as cinema and TV productions. Besides the commissioned work, Jakob is active in several live music projects, where he perfomes on the electric guitar, e-bass, viola, synthesizers, piano and/or as a conductor/producer in the studio.

Suntka Rinke is a creative technologist based in Zurich. Her practice includes visual, acoustic and speculative methods to make abstract concepts accessible to broader audiences. By exploring mathematics, sensors and everyday data, Suntka dissolves the boundaries in her sound sculpture, dissolving the borders between the visual, technological and audible realms. She also creates ambiguous flows in her DJ sets.

Despite living in the shadow of their older brother notoriety, the Younger Siblings of Satan have been active within the various underground artistic scenes of all ages. In their contemporary reincarnation they delve in to the lugubrious sounds of digital dissonances, noise, glitches and harsh drums.
We are a team of people from diverse backgrounds, but we all share the same passion for generative media.

If you are interested in joining us or have any other question, send mail to: